Few of the Testimonies, gratitude and gifts received from patients
  1. A child who had received my expert treatment, now a senior executive, presented me with a beautifully crafted painting, which is my very first gift.
  2. A VVIP patient honoured me with the gift of an iPad, acknowledging my exceptional expertise in restoring his voice.
  3. In a remarkable display of gratitude, the CEO, whose voice was restored through my surgical expertise, sponsored my stay and local sightseeing in Dubai.
  4. Patient’s gift of a Mont Blanc pen, acknowledging the profound impact of my skills in restoring his ability to breathe and providing relief from debilitating migraines.
  5. A patient suffering from Halitosis presented me with a vintage car model after he got relief and was able to socialize once again after many years of self-isolation.
  6. In a touching gesture of appreciation, the patient, whose ear was saved from distortion after an injury, expressed profound gratitude by presenting me with a Cross pen.
  7. Ferrero Rocher chocolate gift after a successful mini surgical excision of a large branchial cyst.
  8. Honoured and deeply touched by the heartfelt gift of fruits, vegetables, and a sacred God’s idol received from a patient in rural Karnataka after performing a successful mini-incision Branchial Cyst Surgery.
  9. Grateful for the Iraqi patient’s profound appreciation, showcased through a heartfelt article published in a prominent Iraqi newspaper, highlighting the impact of my surgical skills in their life.
  10. Touched by the gesture of receiving a gift of dry fruits and nuts from the parents of a patient, symbolizing their gratitude as a result of the surgical care provided.
  11. Overflowing with joy, the patient, who had transitioned from complete hearing loss to normal hearing, expressed their profound appreciation by presenting me with a Shaeffer pen.
  12. The patient, whose CSF leak was successfully closed through a complex skull base surgery, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the restored health and well-being.
  13. Following the successful Thyroidectomy as a day care procedure, the patient returned overflowing with gratitude and appreciation.
  14. In a heart-warming gesture, a child who had endured years of difficulty in breathing presented me with a card adorned with carefully collected details about me, gathered from various webpages.
  15. Moved by the patient’s gratitude, symbolized by the heartfelt gift of a Shaefeer pen, following a successful surgery that restored their hearing.

 Written Testimonies:

  1. Grateful to Dr. Kumaresh for opening our child’s ears to the ‘World of Sounds’
  2. Testimonial after Successful Cancer surgeries
  3. After successful treatment for Skull Base Osteomyelitis, a serious condition.
  4. Patient speaks after being able to breathe through his nose again post-surgery for Chronic Nasal Obstruction
  5. From peak traffic roads to National Highway
  6. transformative journey of Endoscopic Adenoidectomy + Myringotomy.
  7. Whenever I listen to music, I will recall you and thank you-Joy of Hearing again.
  8. From Hearing Loss and Discharging Ear to Rediscovering Sound – Scarless Surgery
  9. From Sudden Hearing Loss to Normal Hearing.
  10. My nose is like a National Highway.
  11. A billion thanks to you – From a childs heart.
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