Patient Testimonial

I have so far have had ten patients who have had this medical emergency which if not treated within the Golden Period patient loses the ability to hear.
Herewith attaching a testimonial of one of my patients who had a complete loss and has regained his hearing completely after treatment, his quality of life improved because of this.

Testimonial in her own words:

I met an ENT specialist with some complaints of ear block which initially I thought it was some sort of wax block or some air block. I didn’t take it seriously; the ENT doctor recommended me some tablets and nasal drops which didn’t actually work, because the doctor thought it was some minor problem.
Since it was troubling me I got the recommendation of my friends and met with Dr. Kumaresh.  He examined me and asked me to do a hearing test as his examination was normal and wanted to rule out hearing loss. I was surprised since I did not perceive any hearing loss but being a reputed and trust worthy doctor, I agreed for the hearing test which showed I was having Sensorineural Hearing Loss, it was a condition called sudden hearing loss. I was shocked and when I met Doctor Kumaresh I was just in time which actually is two weeks from the sudden deafness. He said that it is a medical emergency and that he has got back the hearing in 9/10 patients.
On the day itself he gave the steroids on my affected ear that is the left ear, from the first injection itself I could somehow feel the changes, I was able to hear mildly after the first injection from being completely deaf. The nerve started responding to the steroids slowly. After all my injections(steroids) course are over I’m able to hear properly I’ve got back my normal hearing level. I’ve come a long way through this, Sensorineural Hearing Loss. A million percent thanks to Dr. Kumaresh else I would’ve gone deaf for my entire life. He is truly great doctor. He is the Best.
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