From: S K V
Subject: Re: Thank You

Dear Dr. Kumaresh,

Hope you are doing well. Sorry, I couldn’t send my testimonial at the earliest because of my personal commitments.
Please find my testimonial below:
“I have been Suffering from sinus and breathing difficulties in addition to anxiety disorder. Under anxiety medication my breathing problem caused a lot of trouble in my work and personal life. When I met Dr. Kumaresh for the first time, he said that breathing difficulty could be due to turbinate swelling. It was confirmed in subsequent MRI scan (In view of my anxiety I was scared about the radiation effects of CT scan).
Since previous medications for treating my breathing difficulties worsened my anxiety, I underwent surgery (Laser Turbinoplasty). Dr. Kumaresh took good care of all things well, so that my anxiety was under control during and after surgery. He also took a good call on turbinate reduction, sinus clean up and polyp removal during surgery. I started feeling better and my breathing improved after some days of surgery.
I understand turbinate reduction has to be done the right way so that we do not get into problems later on. Hence, I wanted to be operated by a doctor who has good experience and understanding. My search ended with Dr. Kumaresh, as he is one of the best ENT surgeons in India. I wish to see many more people getting relief from their ENT problems through him.
Thank you so much Dr. Kumaresh.”
patient testimonial
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