Acceptance of Terms: By accepting these conditions, you explicitly agree to abide by the same. If any of these terms are not acceptable, we request you to cancel your appointment.

Surveillance: The clinic has CCTV cameras in all rooms with audio capturing facilities in some rooms. These recordings may be used for misinformation campaigns or for legal purposes.

Appointment Policy:

  • Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis within the given time slot. If you cannot come within that slot, it is your responsibility to call the clinic and inform us.
  • If you fail to inform the clinic and arrive outside your time slot, please do not expect or demand priority from our staff.
  • We discourage walk ins, if you come as a walk in, the specialist may not be there.

Fee Structure:

  • The consultation charge is Rs. 600, valid for only 5 days.
  • Follow-up consultations beyond 5 days will incur a review charge of Rs. 300.
  • Consultations after 10 days from the first appointment will be charged in full.

Discount Policy:

  • The clinic does not offer discounts for any reason.
  • Even if a family of 4 comes for consultation, each member will be charged individually.
  • Charges apply for every additional service requested, such as asking the specialist to examine another family member’s ear.

Service Charges:

  • Wax removal: Rs. 200 per ear.
  • Endoscopy: Rs. 300.
  • Ear piercing (both ears): Rs. 2250, done using a gunshot method with sterile imported gold-plated non-allergic studs.
  • Nose piercing: Rs. 2250, the same cost applies even if done on one side due to sterility concerns.
  • Audiology tests: As per the outsourced company policy, details will be explained by the audiologist.

These charges are over and above the consultation charges. If you had self-diagnosed your condition or had taken treatment elsewhere and are coming here for the first time, you will have to pay the consultation charges as well.

 Medication Policy:

  • Prescriptions will not be cancelled or changed later.
  • Beyond the time period prescribed, the old prescription will not be entertained nor changed to a retail medication name.
  • If you choose to self-medicate or continue using the same medicines beyond the prescribed time limit the clinic will not be liable for any health consequences.
  • If you prefer branded medicine names, please inform the clinic; otherwise, generic medicine names will be prescribed. It is your duty to ensure the right medicine was given by the retail pharmacist, if a wrong medicine was dispensed the specialist will not be liable. You can come and show it to the doctor to check during his availability.

Reminder: There have been false reports that conditions were not diagnosed or treated properly. These instances are often due to refusals of discounts, and the clinic will take such cases very seriously and use the CCTV footage to counter these claims wherever they have been made.

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