Cancer is Curable if diagnosed early. I am herewith attaching testimonials from two patients who were misdiagnosed and came to me luckily in not a too advanced state, I had already posted some symptoms one should be aware of to create an awareness against this ever increasing disease…

Dear Dr.Kumaresh,

Please find below a small thank you note for the timely treatment of mu father in his battle against Cancer.

He first felt swallowing problems in his throat / mouth in November 2012, in Kolkata when he went to an ENT specialist there for consultation. The Doctor after examining him said that this was likely to be a case of Fungal infection of the mouth and prescribed him ‘Fluconazole’ for medication. This continued for a couple of months and he went to another Doctor in Pune for followup consultation towards the end of January, 2013. This Doctor said that this can be Fungal infection or malignancy. If medicine for fungal infection was curing the problems then it was fine else might have to check for malignancy and prescribed ‘Ciprofloxacin’. The medicine seemed to provide some relief. However, suddenly at March 2013 one morning he started speaking in a Nasal tone. We initially thought it was due to cold which he had that time but the tone persisted for a few days.

We then took him to a local Hospital in Bangalore and consulted the ENT  and also consulted the visiting oncologist there. The CT Scan also did not reflect any problems (we later realized that the doctor prescribed CT Scan of the wrong area). This led us to look for an alternate specialist Doctor who can help us out and we reached out to Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy who is one of the best specialists inBangalore. Dr. Kumaresh helped us to go through an immediate Biopsy and confirmed that this was Carcinoma of the Soft Palate. Subsequently he along with an extremely senior and capable colleagues in Medical and Radiation Oncology treated him .

Their treatment resulted in his recovery and he appears to be in a much improved state than when we went to Dr. Kumaresh for the first time. I would like to sincerely extend my Thanks and Regards to Dr. Kumaresh and the panel of Doctors who treated him and for whom I am able to get my father back from the clutches of this dreaded disease.

D Mukherjee

Dear Kumaresh,
There is no objection from our side to use this testimonial in your website of blog.

It is my pleasure to write this small note about you and the way you practice.
Thanks so much for all you have done for my father. I hope this testimonial helps others decide as easily as I did to choose you for cancer surgery involving your specialty.
It has been a 1.5 year since my father was diagnosed and treated for his tongue cancer. It is hard to believe that no one would ever know what has happened to my father, he was being treated as simple ulcer and it was Dr. Kumaresh who first correctly diagnosed him as having Cancer of the tongue and that it was in a slightly advanced state. I am so grateful to have had Dr Kumaresh as my father’s cancer surgeon.
Words cannot describe how happy we were when my father recovered after the reconstruction of new tongue. Dr.Kumaresh and his plastic surgery colleague are truly talented and gifted men. Our experience with his staff was also wonderful. My father tongue recovery was unbelievably fast. He felt almost normal tongue after 5 months. I would definitely recommend anyone having tongue cancer or any cancer in the area of Dr. Kumaresh specialty to contact him only.
Shashi A.S

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