Following is the Testimonial for the surgery which you performed on me :
“Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorty was the best choice for me. I am writing this review/testimonial after 3 months of my surgery and I have my life back now.
I was suffering from the nose congestion for more than a year and when I approached Dr.Kumaresh, He told me the best option is surgery (Coblator Assisted Turbinoplasty), I had visited around few doctors before him.
Next best thing about the Doctor is that he responded to all my emails and to be very true I had written quite a few before and after surgery for my doubts to be cleared but he was very patient and cleared all my doubts and also suggested me the methods during the post-surgery.
Before surgery I had requested only one thing from him not to cover my nose with plaster post-surgery, although he didn’t promise me that he could do it but he did that. He didn’t cover my nose after surgery and told me I didn’t bleed much.
My surgery and post-surgery recovery was a cake walk and now I am enjoying my life to full.
Thanks Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorty. You are the best…!!!”
Testimonial 2: Surgery :Septoplasty with Turbinoplasty
I still remember you were my 3rd doctor which I consulted due to severe throat infection and the previous doctors always advised me to remove the tonsil as well as correcting the septum (since it is too much deviated), I was not in a position to take a call to go for both or still try to hold with medicines.My wife some how got your clinic address from website,we were checking your reviews and decided to come to you for the final consultation as well as surgery, Since your expertise and knowledge in surgery were amazing, as we found a lot of youtube videos and online photos which you have given to public for free.

Finally we went ahead and corrected my septum and it was given a fantastic result, I never had throat pain after that ,plus I am sleeping well in the night, my snoring has come down tremendously, that is a big plus.Your suggestion about hospital has also saved a huge bill which is very reasonable and quite affordable by us, Me and entire family is thankful and grateful to you life time.Once again no more words to say, other than a big Thank you for the right observation and right treatment at the right time.

Mr. K

septoplasty with coblator turbinoplasty
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