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Dear Dr.Kumaresh,

I’m writing this mail to send my testimonial after successful treatment of my hearing problem, it is close to 2 years and I am still doing very well.

I was suffering from ear discharge after my first ear surgery, there was also hearing loss and I consulted few doctors about it, they also confirmed that there is again a hole and after few basic tests showed that I have hearing loss and suggested for repeat surgery. I’m afraid of surgery again and started looking for #BestEarsurgeon

Then I came across Dr. Kumaresh and contacted his clinic for an appointment. The way I was received, the right guidance about my problem & the surgery that need to do be done, its pros and cons were baffling and first time I have experienced with a very busy doctor like him. He has given best assurance about surgery and made all arrangements for my surgery with one of the reputed hospital in Bangalore. Best part I was back home the same day evening so no need to spend time in hospital.

The surgery lasted 3 hours, post-surgery he kept me on good medicines to recover soon without any infections and suggested all necessary care need to be taken for next few months in order to recover completely and regain my hearing. I have followed his guidance and now my hearing is back to normal level, I now hear even whispers and working in the call industry it means a lot. 

To those who are reading this all I can say is that he is the one of the best doctor who treats his patients with proper care, clarifies all doubts with patience & greets with smile. 

I am really thankful to Dr.Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy for the treatment and giving me back my life and job.

Thanks & Regards,


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