Endoscopic Coblator Adenoidectomy

Traditionally blind curetting of adenoidal tissue was times tested method but leaves behind large amounts of adenoidtissue causing air flow obstruction. Endoscopic coblation adenoidectomy ensures complete removal of adenoid tissue and reduces postoperative adenoid grade. Another benefit is the ability to use a single instrument that helps in complete removal with significant improvement of patient recovery. 
The advantages observed with coblation adenoidectomy, compared with the curettage technique are:
  1. the lack of bleeding (abundant bleeding with curettage);
  2. provides a direct endoscopic view of the adenoid (blind surgery or mirror view with traditional cold curettage);
  3. the ability to reach all the areas up to the Eustachian tube opening (the cranial part of the rhinopharynx cannot be reached with curettage);
  4. lower risk of residual adenoid tissue after coblator surgery;
  5. fewer complications (no cutting blade with coblation adenoidectomy);
  6. it is suitable for patients of all ages, although the decrease of pain intensity and duration is important in paediatric patients;
  7. reduction in the use of post-operative drug and loss of working days for parents due to faster post-surgical healing.

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