Invited as Speaker and delivered over 100 impactful talks.

These speaking engagements have covered a range of topics focused on healthcare and entrepreneurship and were held at esteemed venues such as Medical Associations, IMA Branches, and Regional Associations, IT Parks, and Technical and Business schools of eminence.

Through these engagements, I have had the chance to interact with healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals, sharing my knowledge and experiences  fostering meaningful discussions.

International Engagements:

  1. Keynote Speaker on Head and Neck Surgery, International Conference, Dubai, March 2015
  2. Global Wealth System, UVC Products and Business Opportunities, Nigeria, September 2020
  3. International Faculty, Second International Otolaryngology Conference, Iraq, December 2020

National Faculty Engagements:

  1. National Faculty, International Hands-On Cadaveric FESS and Temporal Bone Dissection Course, PSG Medical College, November 2015
  2. National Faculty, Paediatric Sleep Apnea Conference, Cochin, December 2015
  3. National Faculty, National AOI Conference, Haryana, January 2016
  4. National Faculty, Workshop on Snoring and Sleep Apnea – PSG Medical College, April 2017
  5. National Faculty, Federation of Head and Neck Oncologists, December 2020
  6. National Faculty on Digital Health, IIEST, Shibpur, February 2021

Invited Talks:

  1. CME on Migraine and Vertigo, Bangalore, July 2011
  2. Importance of IPR delivered online to NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, April 2021
  3. Why Doctors Should Lead Healthcare Entrepreneurship Initiatives, SMS Medical College, March 2021
  4. Business Planning for Healthcare Start-ups, BITS BIRAC BioNEST, November 2021
  5. Invited National Faculty Talk, AOICON, January 2022
  6. Innovator Speaks – Spotify Podcast that features interviews with leaders and personalities in design, technology, business, art, and social work, Feb. 2022
  7. Invited talk at the Grand Rounds, AIIMS, Jodhpur, March 2022
  8. Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Device Digital Expo, December, 2022.
  9. PIMS Scientific Society on Patents, Venturing into the Unknown, January 2023
  10. Invited National Faculty Talk, AOICON, February 2023

 International Workshops and CMEs Organized:

  1. International Hands-On Cadaveric Dissection Course in Head & Neck Surgery, Bangalore Medical College, January 2013
  2. International Hands-On Cadaveric Lateral Skull Base and Cochlear Implant Course, Bangalore Medical College, December 2013
  3. First International CME on Cochlear Implantation, Bangalore Medical College, December 2013
  4. First International Live Surgical Workshop on Otology, Nova Hospitals, Bangalore, March 2015.
  5. CME for Dental Surgeons on Early Identification of Oral Cancers, Bangalore, April 2015.
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