Dear Doctor
 I am enclosing my recommendation:
 ” I was suffering from recurrent Mouth Ulcers and contacted Dr. Kumaresh from Phnom Penh, Cambodia (where I was working) by Phone and eMail and set up appointment to meet him as soon as I reached India. The moment I came to India and met him, he immediately identified my problem and on the same day Biopsy and CT Scan were done. On receipt of results, PET Scan was done to confirm Cancer in floor of mouth.
 He decided it was best to
operate and remove the Jaw bone, Floor of mouth, part of tongue and some Lymph nodes in the left side of my face and replace the same with my Fibula (from Leg) and connected tissues and skin. He immediately identified one of the best Plastic Surgeons and the surgery was done with in a week in xxxxxxx Hospital, Bangalore. He recommended Post operative Radiotherapy and Chemotheapy to be done in  xxxxxx Hospital.


Now I am substantially recovered from my surgery and am cured of Mouth Cancer. I am slowly recovering from the side effects of the Raidiation and Chemo Therapies.
 All through my above ordeal, Dr. Kumaresh stood behind me like a rock and supported me in all my turbulations. Being a

Cancer Survivor himself, he was quiet understanding and supportive in all stages of my pre and post operative stages of my treatment.

He is a good surgeon, a good care giver, very good in planning dfferent stages of treatment, good in identifying the supportive care givers and institutions but above all a very good human being, so much so that, he is now trying to help me find employment in Bangalore as I am not desirous of going back to Cambodia as Medical facilities there are negligible.

With Warm Regards,
Mr. G

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