The clinic has CCTV cameras in all rooms, with audio capturing facilities in some rooms.

Appointment Policy

  • Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis within the given time slot. If you cannot come within that slot, it is your responsibility to call the clinic and inform us.
  • If you fail to inform the clinic and arrive outside your time slot, please do not expect or demand priority from our staff.

Consultation Charges

  • The consultation charge is Rs. 600, valid for only 5 days.
  • Follow-up consultations beyond 5 days will incur a review charge of Rs. 300.
  • Consultations after 10 days from the first appointment will be charged in full.
  • The responsibility of keeping and bringing the consultation/prescription is on the patient. Failure to bring or show the copy will necessitate treating you as a new patient.

Discount Policy

  • The clinic does not offer discounts for any reason.
  • Even if a family of 4 comes for consultation, each member will be charged individually.
  • Charges apply for every additional service requested, such as asking the specialist to examine another family member’s ear. Please do not argue with the staff expecting a discounted service.

Procedure Charges

These charges are displayed prominently on the clinic board and are separate from the consultation charges.

Medication Prescription Policy

This policy is also displayed prominently on the board. Apart from that:

  • If you choose to self-medicate beyond the period specified in the consultation sheet, or if you wish to get a named brand at a later date, a request for a new prescription or changing the generic name to a branded name will not be entertained without a consultation.
  • The clinic will not be responsible for any ill effects arising from self-medication or from obtaining a branded medicine using a generic name that leads to a wrong medicine being dispensed by the retailer.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the clinic of any past reactions to medications, as well as whether they are breastfeeding or pregnant. The doctor or clinic will not be responsible for any oversight by the patient.
  • The patient is also responsible for accurately stating any current prescription and non-prescription medications they are taking.

Acceptance of Terms

  • By accepting these conditions, you explicitly agree to abide by them and you consent to the use of recorded proof for legal remedies in case of any misinformation spread at a later date.


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