All about Ear Itch

Dry ears can have many causes. Ears usually produce oil and earwax to keep the ear clean and healthy. If your ears are not able to produce enough earwax. A healthy ear is a self-cleaning organ and does not normally require manual or invasive cleaning, if you clean your ears too much, it can remove the wax from the ear and dry it out and causes ear itching.

Allergies and to other dry skin conditions such as psoriasis, and dermatitis (the most common being dandruff) also causes dry ear.

People who use hearing aids may develop dry ears due to the device irritating by rubbing against the delicate and sensitive skin in and around the ear.

Since there are many causes, one should meet with an ENT specialist, who will assess the underlying cause and suggest treatment. The goal of any treatment plan for dry ears is often to stop any itching first.

A few drops of olive oil or baby oil on their ear helps relieve itchiness, it is best to apply the drops before going to bed.

Other treatments will depend on the underlying cause.

REMEMBER: People can lower the risk of itchy ears and ear infections by not sticking anything into their ears, including:

  • cotton swabs
  • hair pins
  • pencils
  • twisted cloths

Inserting items into the ear can remove protective earwax and damage the ear.

dry ears
ear wax inside ear canal
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