Concha Bullosa – Obstruction of Nose

The middle turbinate, help keep inhaled air from going directly into your sinuses by deflection of inspired air superiorly, providing moisture to inspired air.

There are many reasons people suffer from nasal obstruction.  Large swollen turbinates can result from allergies or deformity of the nasal septum. Less common cause is the presence of a concha bullosa (CB), a pneumatized middle turbinate causing obstruction of the ventilation of the sinuses and drainage of mucous due to impaired mucociliary clearance. Additionally, the concha bullosa itself may cause a rhinogenic headache.

 The goals of CB treatment are to maximize the nasal airway, to preserve nasal mucosa function, and to minimize complications. Medical treatment such as steroid nasal sprays may be attempted, but a concha bullosa is considered a surgical disease.  Once the bone has pneumatized, surgery is almost always required.

what causes Concha bullosa
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