Hello Doctor.
I am fine now .

I took the medications as prescribed by you.
There is a lot of difference from the previous visit.
I can now hear even the slightest sound around me. Now I can listen in stereo mode!
I even went through your website and links… Very nice & informative too.

After reading your blog… I was like…’Ditto’… I am also very ‘phobic’…
I do not like social gatherings (marriage receptions, get-together, team outings, extra-curricular activities which has a lot of people, crowded places, meeting people, …… seems to be like Agoraphobia…even I hate going out, i.e., for example, if my father or mother gives me some errands to do the next or following day, I keep thinking about that all-day long…

I get panic-attacks, sweating, my heart keeps beating loudly, mouth dries up, etc… Imagine this when I used be at ‘school’ !!! Especially the  Bullies, teachers … and then the usual peer pressure, marks, presentations, sport activites, debates…..

Well, I have tried every method to calm down in order to make myself, yes, ‘compatible’ and adapt to the real-world surrounding, but its of no use. 

I suffered a lot during this period & yes, also the college days 🙁 … even though I had the best parents support. Yes, I had everything I needed & was happy with that… But then even now am kind of …. very introvert, not good at talking or communicating in a smooth and effective manner, I also have this problem of forgetting things, ….I could go on…

I love reading blogs & newspapers, surfing the net, audio & video editing, riding & driving, listening to music, playing PC games, watching documentaries & action, animation, comedy, family & fantasy movies, ….work-outs,…

The reason why I wrote these things is that you will come to know of a very different, confused, funny, weird & unusual person. I could keep writing ….. 

I must say this – I feel more bold & positive when I read your blog…
Hats of to you, Doctor.
I pray that you really keep helping as many people as possible and that the right message is delivered to the right people at the right time. Yes, some will be ungrateful but majority of us are getting benefitted because of you.

I really appreciate all your efforts & spreading around your messages to people who really are in need of help…even during your busy & hectic schedule.

See, you indeed made a difference…I kind of feel light…You made my ‘problems’ feel so small…I became your fan!…Thx.

I just showed your website, links & video to my family members.

I need your blessings.


Yours Sincerely,


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