What is sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss is a rapid loss of hearing occurring within a week and almost always affects only one ear. People often discover the hearing loss when they try to use the affected ear, such as when they use a phone. Still others notice a loud, alarming “pop” or blocked feeling or ringing noise. Many are not aware and assume the pop or ringing noise to other causes and put off seeing a doctor because they think their hearing loss is due to earwax plugging the ear canal, or other common conditions.

What causes it?

Majority of times the cause is unknown and only about 10 percent of people have an identifiable cause like infections, head trauma, autoimmune diseases etc.,

How is sudden deafness diagnosed and treated?

If you have sudden hearing loss, you should meet with a neurotologist who will examine and ensure that it is sudden hearing loss by performing a test called pure tone audiometry. One should understand that this condition is a medical emergency, receiving timely treatment greatly increases the chance that you will recover your hearing and delaying treatment can decrease treatment effectiveness. The most common treatment is high dose steroids either as an oral medication or as an injection. Steroids should be used as soon as possible to reverse or reduce permanent hearing loss.

Its sad that most patients do not realize that there is a condition like this and assume that their decreased hearing is because of some Ear wax and make their problem worse.




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