Generic Medicine

I have noticed a surge in posts recently that cast aspersions on doctors, suggesting that our resistance to writing generics is due to ties with pharmaceutical companies, and that some of us endorse specific pharma brands. I would like to state for the record that these claims are false. I’d like to shed light on the ground reality and provide some context.

Spurious Generics and Indian Brands: Let’s talk facts. An official RTI report revealed that around 20% of generics are spurious. Furthermore, media reports suggest that nearly 40% of Indian brands are also spurious. This means that they do not contain the active ingredients that they claim to contain. This is a serious concern for patient safety.

Blame Game and Accountability: In recent times, doctors have been unfairly blamed for issues that are beyond our control. We’ve seen instances of doctors being arrested for electricity short circuits and oxygen shortages in hospitals. It’s essential to question whether doctors should be held accountable for these issues when they are not within our direct jurisdiction. By the same token, the doctor will be held liable when a patient reacts to a medication and will be “reviewed” by intellectuals when they do not get better with the prescribed medicine because it did not have the required composition.

Dispelling Myths: The notion that doctors resist prescribing generics or endorse pharmaceutical brands due to ulterior motives oversimplifies a multifaceted reality. Many doctors are relentlessly dedicated to delivering the best possible care to patients amidst a complex healthcare environment.

Impact on Healthcare and Public: The wave of negative narratives can inadvertently harm public trust in the medical profession. With doctors increasingly reluctant to encourage their children to join the field and cutoffs for medical education decreasing, it’s the public who will ultimately bear the brunt of these changes. Investors are pouring into hospitals due to the failures in other sectors, driving up healthcare costs. Procedures that were once affordable are now becoming exorbitant.

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