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From: kishore
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 2:54 PM

Dear Dr.Kumaresh,
Before giving a note on my surgery. let me thank Dr.Harpreet Singh Kochar who diagnosed and fond out my disease (Papillary Carcinoma).Once i came to know i have to undergo for the surgery, was in Noida and planned come back to Banglore and decided to get operated here. But I dont know any surgeon over here, after a long discussion, Dr.Kochar referred Dr.Kumaresh. First thing in my mind was how can I believe the doctor with out knowing anything. Initially i thought let me just consult Dr.Kumaresh then will decide on the surgeon. But after my first meeting with Dr.Kumaresh, i decided to operate the surgery with him only.
The way you have spoken with me was very appreciable. Those kind of words definitely reduces the patients depression and boost up their energy. Those 20mins of the discussion with you changed my mind and the way of thinking towards my problem. My half of my disease got cleared off on that day itself and remaining was cleared off by the surgery and your treatment. Your surgery,treatment and caring made my health in good condition. Once again let me thank you from my bottom of the heart for your caring and treatment.
The way you have given the confidence to my parents on my treatment and surgery was wonderful. Thanks again for keeping my health well.
Kishore GLN
From: Padma
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2012 10:47 PM
Subject: My sincere thanks to you

Dear Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy
 I would like to extend to you my heartful thanks and appreciation for the good service and support to complete the Thyroid gland removal procedure to me . Before we came to the hospital we are nervous and not clear about the treatment. You explained very clearly about the treatment and inform us upfront what other risk involved in this.  Your straightforwardness creates Trust and faith on you.
Thanks for your at most support to remove my gland (left ). After this operation I back to my teaching profession without any damage to my voice
Once Again Thanks for you, I will pray God to give you good health and prosperity and help the society with your service ,Knowledge and care.

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