I am Arshad Ali Baig writing on behalf of my father Habibullah Baig who had come out of the dreadful stage of skull base osteomyelitis.
This all started in May 2012 when my father complained headache. He consulted general physician and used to take general medication. As it’s a common condition to go through for a human being. We thought it will set right. But unfortunately it didn’t. It was continuous and more severe (thunders in the head as described by Dad) day by day and he used to cry like a child down on the surface at home. We were totally shocked to see this.
Then we admitted him to much known superspeciality hospital in Hyderabad and there we consulted neurologist. He advised us to go through MRI brain scan. Apart from that they conducted several tests to identify the causes. Nothing came out in report.
He was there for 3 days and during this they only kept him on pain relief injections time to time where he was feeling happy that everything is right now.
Soon after discharge, the same thing resurfaced again like thunder headaches. We consulted maxofacial surgeon as Dad was complaining severe pain right from his cheek.
He has done X-ray and said that there was one tiny tooth inside the gums which is causing this pain and upon his advice he underwent tooth removal. It was okay for one day. Then we came to Bangalore to consult other doctors as we lost faith in Hyderabad the way doctors approached and their seriousness in attending the patients. Same condition continued for Dad till we approached one renowned maxofacial surgeon in Bangalore. After listening to the history, he advised us to go for CT scan and some other infection tests. After the reports, he said that infection has made the right upper jaw bone dead (Right Maxilla) and we need to remove that. We were just getting surprised and pained at every stage of this outcome. We had one question in the mind. Why the infection tests didn’t show this? What seriousness does a hospital authority have in doing these? Then he underwent surgery for the removal of Rt. Maxilla and got discharged after 1 week. Then we left to Hyderabad with some relaxation but there was something pinching in the heart as Dad used to say it’s (headache) not gone completely. After coming back, we consulted the same Bangalore maxofacial surgeon as Dad was still complaining and he advised us to go for MRI neck and brain. After the reports were sent to him, he said that infection has gone upwards towards skull i.e. sphenoidal sinus after showing the same to his friend neurosurgeon and declared as critical.  
We were just feeling down day by day. Now it’s more than 4 months since the disease inception. He advised us to consult known ENT surgeon. So we searched and took appointment of one very famous ENT surgeon in xxxxxx placed in high profile hospital.
This is the time where I lost faith in the caring medical services. He was not just listening to the basic problem i.e. headache. I could not narrate more than this about him.
After that, pus started coming out of both ears of Dad in large chunks. In October 2012, my sister read reviews about Dr. Kumaresh asked us to come down to Bangalore to consult him. Taking a step back here I want to just say that we were very fortunate enough to come across Dr. Kumaresh. We feel this as a blessing and we stand by it. He carefully listened to the history and without touching Dad; he said that he is suffering from Skull Base Osteomyelitis. Now this is totally new to listen. MRI brain and bone scan was advised. It was in advanced stage now. Right after the reports, Dad was immediately put on aggressive IV antibiotics and we were just keeping our fingers crossed day by day as the infection got reached new heights.
Almighty showed mercy on us. Right after 20 days of medication, Dad was feeling comfortable now i.e. headaches were vanishing and was having sound sleep. At this point, he started regaining confidence in life after he was totally depressed and lost faith due to prolonged illness. Overall this medication lasted for 4 months and scans were repeated which showed progressive results. It has been more than 1.6 years and presently my dad is all active man back to his day to day activities. So many wrong diagnosis and treatments set right by one man who made the diagnosis by history alone!
Dr. Kumaresh is far and away the best doctor I have ever met and nothing I can say really does justice to the man: he is extremely intelligent, a compassionate and caring person, and a truly outstanding doctor. I count myself truly lucky to have found him.
All smiles now.
A very very big THANK YOU DOCTOR. Now my life is back on track.
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