What causes Ear Pain during Flight Travel?

Ear pain is the most common medical complaint of airplane travelers and sometimes may result in hearing loss. Make air travel comfortable by learning how to equalize the pressure in the ears instead of suffering from an uncomfortable feeling or fullness or pressure....

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Basal Cell Carcinoma

What is Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) It is the commonest type of non-melanoma skin cancer worldwide, usually beginning in later life. BCCs can occur anywhere on the body but are most common on areas that are exposed to the sun such as your face, head and neck, and ears...

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Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty

Snoring is a common phenomenon and has a high prevalence in the general population. Snoring is more frequent in males and overweight persons, it usually grows worse with age and may be associated with restless sleep, night awakening, morning fatigue, daytime...

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Tongue Tie – How does it affect children?

Tongue tie, Is also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition in which the thin membrane under the tongue (the lingual frenulum) is too short or tight, restricting the movement of the tongue. This can interfere with breastfeeding, speaking, and eating. It is a congenital...

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What is laryngitis? The larynx joins the back of the throat to the trachea (windpipe). Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx, usually due to a virus or overuse. The result is acute change in the voice. Viral laryngitis is self-limited. Other infectious or...

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Coping With Stress

 What are the possible signs and symptoms of stress? Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways and has the potential to harm your health, emotional well-being, and relationships with others.   ...

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