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Paediatric ENT


Otology (Ear)

Why do Doctors say Earbuds are Not Safe?

Why does my child cry with severe ear pain?  

Why does my ear pain during flight travel?

Why Does the ear itch?

Why is Otitis Effusion Called as Glue Ear?

What are the risks of using Ear Buds?

What are the hearing loss signs in children?

What is meant by swimmers’ ear?

Why do I feel my ears to be blocked?

What is ear wax?


Rhinology (Nose)

What is Allergic Rhinitis?

My child nose bleeds, is it worrisome?

What causes nosebleeds?

What are Nasal Polyps?


Laryngology (Throat)

Why do people avoid me because of my Breath?

Why do I get Mouth Ulcers?

What are Tonsils and where are the Adenoids located?

I have tonsils, should I remove them?

Can snoring ruin Relationships?

What causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Why does my throat pain?

Why do I cough while sleeping?

What cause hoarseness of voice


Paediatric ENT

What are the dangers of Bluelight due to Online Classes?

My child is diagnosed with Adenoids - When should they be removed?

What is the best way to remove Adenoids?

What is tongue tie and what problems can it cause?

Why does my child cry with ear pain at night?

Why is Paediatric Sleep Apnea mistaken for ADHD?



I can’t hear from my one ear; can anything be done?

What could be the reason for my vertigo?

Why does my ear ring? What can I do?

What is Migraine, what can I do?

What will happen if I listen to loud noise?

Why does my head spin on turning in bed?

What are Cochlear Implants?

What is Meniere’s Disease?



I sneeze and my nose runs daily - Allergy

How to use Steroid Nasal Spray

Nose bend causing nose block

What to do when I have Cold

Boils in Nose and Ears

All about Vertigo

Vertigo on Turning in Bed - BPPV

Unilateral Deafness to Normal Hearing

Can I listen to Loud Noise - NIHL

Alcohol and Sensible Drinking

Voice change and coughing at night

Want to quit smoking but don’t know how?

Ill effects of being near smokers

Children & Second-hand Smoke

Voice changes lasting weeks

Is snoring dangerous?

Know everything about Thyroid Cancer

What causes Headaches

Coping with a diagnosis of Cancer

Do you know what all you are Smoking?

What causes Migraine

I don’t smoke BUT is it safe to be near smokers?

Is it ear pain or jaw pain?

How can I cope with stress?