Testimonial Videos

Iraqi General

Complex Ear Surgery

Patient was referred for Temporal Bone Resection. However I suspected it to be Cholesteatoma and was proved by biopsy. Cholesteatoma is an uncommon condition where a cyst-like destructive and expanding growth consisting of keratinizing squamous epithelium develops in the middle ear and/or mastoid process.

Surgery for Hay Fever

UK Patient Testifies - 2 years post op

Patient underwent Laser Turbinoplasty for chronic nasal obstruction and was extremely happy that he was able to breathe again through his nose after 5 years!!!

TEP Speech

Speech using Provox Valve

The patient was talking after 1 year post Total Laryngectomy for Cancer of the voice box. He is also expressing his gratitude to me. In tracheoesophageal puncture or TEP, a small puncture is made between the trachea and the esophagus, and a one-way air valve is inserted. This air supply can be used to produce speech.

Haemangioma in an Adult

Nigerian lady after surgery for Extremely Rare Tumor

She has had 5 surgeries in Nigeria where she was diagnosed with Papilloma Larynx before being referred. She was found to have to have the rare subglottic haemangioma. So far less than 8 pts have been reported. She underwent Laryngofissure and the mass was removed in toto and her tracheostomy closed and she is symptom free for the last 1 year.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - UP3

Patient almost killed due to Sleep Apnea

Patient had very severe sleep apnea and had three accidents once almost lost his life. He underwent Laser assisted Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and now he is fine. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (also known by the abbreviations UPPP and UP3) is a surgical procedure used to remove tissue in the throat which may or may not include: uvula, soft palate, tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall.

Anterior Skull Base Surgery

2 years Post Operation for Cancer

Patient was referred for Advanced Cancer of the Ethmoids going to Anterior Skull Base and Orbit, was operated successfully without any complications and has been symptom free for the last two years.

Laser Turbinoplasty

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment

Father Fredrick was suffering from severe sleep apnea. He had seen many specialists in Rome, Europe and some well known hospitals in India before coming to me. Now he is a very relieved man.

LASER Wart Removal

US Patient after Laser Surgery

Patient had come for Laser surgery of her nose. She would be filing a claim under Anthem insurance. Insurance covered are ,Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem and International SOS.

Posterior Cordotomy

Patient had Bilateral Vocal Cord Palsy

Patient underwent Total Thyroidectomy and both her RLN were cut, leading to bilateral abductor paralysis, subsequent to this she had stridor and had to have a tracheotomy. She underwent Laser Posterior Cordotomy with Partial Arytenoidectomy. Her tracheostomy tube was successfully removed.

Nasal Surgery

Septal and Nasal Fracture Reduction

Testimonial after nasal fracture, septal fracture and septal haematoma surgical treatment.

Malignant Otitis Externa

Successful Treatment of Skull Base Osteomyelitis

Skull base osteomyelitis is a serious, life-threatening condition. This is a rare condition and correct and appropriate treatment is the key to its successful management. Patient was misdiagnosed and mistreated before presenting to me with Intracranial Complication. Was successfully treated and is now back to normal.