Travel Planning


Once you have scheduled your appointments, it is time to arrange for travel; the following information would help you to visit me in a hassle-free and smooth fashion and leave India having a happy and safe healing experience.

� Through this website I have tried to provide you complete information about me and the range of services I provide. Read through this website to become familiar with the same.

� Read the information I send about your condition and the procedure proposed; be prepared for the same. Please note that it is possible after my examination your treatment may be different from what was planned;

� To reduce waiting time and length of stay before commencement of treatment call me before finalising your dates of travel;

� Always ensure that you have originals and copies of these:

o Records like MRI's, health histories and any other health records relevant to your proposed treatment

o Remember to carry any medicines you have been taking

o Passport, Visa and Driving license or any valid proof of identity

o Credit cards, debit cards and travellers checks

Keep the original documents in safe keeping and carry only copies when stepping out of your hotel/room