Post Surgery Testimonials


Cochlear Implant Surgery:

Thanks to Dr Kumaresh for introducing our kid to the “World of Sounds”
- by , December, 2012 After meeting Dr Kumaresh all I did was just trust him and follow him.
ALL thanks to Dr Kumaresh for introducing our kid to the “Joy Of Hearing”  

Oral Cancer Surgery:

Best Cancer Surgeon
- by , December, 2012 Now I am substantially recovered from my surgery and am cured of Mouth Cancer. All through my above ordeal, Dr. Kumaresh stood behind me like a rock and supported me in all my turbulations.
You are the Best Cancer Surgeon. 

Complex Thyroid Surgery:

You made my complex Thyroid Surgery look very sipmle!!!
- by , September, 2013 I consulted you for a second opinion since you have recieved extensive training in head and neck surgeries from US and an expert in this field..
You are a great human being and we are very grateful to you Doctor.

Revision Ear Surgery for Hearing Loss:

Thanks to Dr Kumaresh for the treatment and giving me back my life and job”
- by , December, 2012 To those who are reading this all I can say is that he is the one of the best doctor who treats his patients with proper care, clarifies all doubts with patience & greets with smile.
You are in the best of hands 

Best Testimonial From a Child:

After the surgery people haven`t heard me talk like a baby
- by , May, 2014 I am very grateful to you for the surgery you have done .
I am very grateful to you for the surgery 

Small Incision Thyroid Surgeries:

Thank you for the Small Incision, people are surprised that Thyroid Surgery was done!!!
- by , September, 2012 It was decided to get the thyroid surgery with Dr. Kumaresh only.
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Tympanoplasty Surgery (Tympanoplasty):

Successful Closure of my Ear Hole
- by , March, 2013 I Dr. Kumaresh is a good surgeon, a good care giver but above all a very good human being. He is also very good in planning different stages of treatment
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Endoscopic Adenoidectomy and Grommet Insertion:

We Can Never Forget You Doctor
- by , January, 2013 My 5 year old son had hearing problem since over 2 years. We had visited at least 5 ENT doctors in well known hospitals, got tons of tests done and not much help.
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Extensive FESS ( Sinus Surgery):

Thank you for all your help, advice, empathy, care and treatment.
- by , January, 2012 Good morning Doctor, I feel a lot relieved person today, than when I first saw you for my recurrent sinus and migraine headaches six months back. When I look back, my days were filled with pain, anxiety and depression owing to the continuous headaches. The bilateral FESS surgery that you performed on me has brought me at a lot ease with myself now. I am happy that I can breathe obstruction free, I feel a lot lighter and I don't have to keep popping pills all the times to relieve my pain and suffering. I am thankful to you for the painful post operative cleaning procedures, which I cried through and wanted to give up but you didn't, you kept your cool and assured me that all will be well and ensuring that all really went well and I came out smilling.

A rare condition; a long wait for surgery

Hello Dr. Kumaresh Thanks a lot for conducting one of the toughest surgeries successfully on me.
- by , January, 2011 I am recovering well and I would recommend people from all over the world for your services and dedication are beyond words. You are simply the best. Please find the review as has been written by me on Mouthshut. To quote DNA newspaper I had to wait for 10 long years for someone like you to have the confidence and skill to undertake my surgery talks volumes about your skills.

Surgery for Chronic Nasal Obstruction:

Thanks for the hugely satisfactory experience.
- by , January, 2012 Dear Dr. Kumaresh, I would like to share my sincere thanks & experience during my nose surgery. I not only had utmost relief after the treatment (which I was deprived of ages) but was also delighted because of your personal touch. I felt like home / amongst friends during my stay. There was a complete difference in the overall approach of handling patient & I must say it was very very positive.

Laser Tonsillectomy:

You are really the best doctor and you are genuine to the patients.
- by , March, 2013 Hi Doctor,These statements are not enough for me to express my gratitude or to write about you. You are simply The Best. Way to go doc.
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We rarely hear from people that DNS problem is solved after surgery.
- by , Feb, 2011 I consulted some other ENT doctor and told her about my DNS surgery and her comment was really encouraging.
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Laser Surgery for Snoring:

It was one of the best decisions in my life!
- by , Feb, 2010 Dr.Kumaresh advised me to go for Laser turbinoplasty with septoplasty (optional) after my face CT scan in view of longstanding nasal block with problems during sleep and loud snoring which really bothered my wife and family. It also bothered me in work as I had very varied breathing symptoms due to this situation. Dr. Kumaresh is a real expert and taking medico-surgical treatment from him has been very satisfying. He is one of the best surgeons in the business today. All throughout the treatment this good doctor has made me feel at home even though it seemed like a big thing to undergo. The discomfort at the post operative stage of laser turbinoplasty is bearable and there is no reason to be nervous if he is the surgeon.

Stapedotomy :

I had heard of this famous doctor Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy
- by , July, 2013 I had been suffering from hearing loss on my left year from the past few months which was affecting my life so I thought of consulting an ENT Specialist. I searched the net and found out that Dr. Kumaresh is the best. After consulting him he had suggested that there was a problem in the middle ear and he had suggested for a surgical method to correct my problem. I went with his suggestion and on April 3, I underwent the surgery, which was completely painless. After the surgery I woke up and had realised that my hearing has improved very much and the same day in the evening I was discharged from the hospital. I can say that after the surgery my hearing has improved very much. Thank you Doctor for getting me back into the mainstream of life.