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Rare Vascular Tumor
My typical Mini Incision Thyroidectomy
Rare Medullary Cancer of Thyroid with Neck Metastasis
A neck dissection is done for individuals with cancer of the head and neck to remove all involved nodes.
Laryngectomy is the removal of the Voice box and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and Foof Pipe.
Less than 7 cases have been reported so far in the medical literature.
Patient was misdiagnosed and mistreated, he is symptom free for the last 3 years.
Patient did not realise he had cancer, it was in an advanced stage.
Patient had an advanced cancer due to Tobacco Use.
70 year old lady had an advanced cancer going upto the skull base due toTobacco Use.
Tooth grows into the sinus and causes symptoms of Sinusitis, not a common condition.

Extremely Rare Intamuscular Haemangioma

Patient was misdiagnosed and almost lost his life before being referred to me.

Parotid Haemangioma

Treated by SClerosant Theraphy.
Intranasal Schwannoma itself is rare presenting with intracranial extension is even more rarer, treated with combined Endoscopic, intracranial approach.
Patient presented with change in voice examination was normal, being observed since it is small.
Occurs due to prolonged intubation, part of Trachea removed and anastomsed with lower segment.
Patient had hoarseness of voice, presented as haemorrhagic polyp and turned out to be Beetroot!!!.
Not a common presentation, had FESS surgery and is symptom free for the last 7 years.
Done for Polyps, Nodules or Cysts in the Vocal Cords.
An extremely uncommon and life threatening condition, have had 7 patients in the last 10 years, if not suspected and treated can kill a person. Common in diabetics.
Abscess of the tonsils, needs to be managed by IV antibiotics and if it fails needs to be surgically drained.
She was suffering from leg pains and was treated as Osteomyelitis!!!! Came for some other problem to me and I worked her up and found it to be Parathyroid Adenoma extending inside the chest!.
30 year old man with 2 small children, came with very advanced disease, post surgery had Chemo-Radiation. Cancer dur to Tobacco
20 year old girl with the tumor extending to Base of Skull, removed with stenting of carotids, patient recovered uneventfully.
Patient presenting with repeated neck infections, scanning revealed a huge cyst, excised through minimal incision route, doing well with no recurrence for the last 4 years.