Out Patient Services

I am herewith including descriptions on this page some of the services provided


Ear aches
Chronic otitis media
Ear drum problems
Ear wax
Swimmer's Ear
Otitis media with effusion
Hearing problemss
Torn earlobes


Nasal infections
Nasal Fracture
Allergic rhinitis and Sinusitis
Endoscopic evaluation of nose
Bleeding from nose (Epistaxis)
Breathing difficulties
Deviated Septum
Chronic nasal obstruction


Sore throat
Adenoiditis and Adenoid hypertrophy
Tongue tie
Hoarseness (Change of voice)
Swallowing difficulty
Mouth ulcer

Paediatric ENT

New Born hearing evaluation
Management of hearing loss
Adenoid and tonsillar diseases
Foreign body in ear, nose or throat

Snoring and sleep apnea evaluation and management

Head and Neck Surgery
Head and neck pain (Headaches, migraine)
Throid diseases
Parathyroid diseases
Salivary gland diseases
Lump or swellings in the neck
Lymph nodes
Head and Neck cancer


Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)
Hearing loss
Facial nerve diseases including Bells palsy
Diseases of Jugular fossa, CP angle and skull base
Cochlear Implants
Head and Neck cancer
Bone anchored hearing aids