Financial Information


You will be required to pay a deposit before your visit. The deposit typically covers the advance for your accommodation, any routine blood tests that may be needed and for blocking the room for your stay in the hospital.

Cost Estimates of Treatment The amount will be determined depending on your proposed treatment and the hospital where it will take place. I will inform you in writing about the required amount; this amount includes estimates of both the hospital and physician costs related to your treatment. Full payment is required before starting of any treatment.

Though I will provide you with an estimate of the cost of treatment beforehand it can change after the initial consultation.

International Insurance: Most of the Hospitals, I am affiliated with, work with a limited number of international insurance providers. Before the starting of treatment a deposit of at least 75% needs to be made, based on your room category. This amount will be refunded once the payment authorization comes from your insurance provider to the hospital. In case the insurance is not approved within 48 hours of admission, you're requested to settle the hospital bill and claim a reimbursement from your insurance provider. To find out about possible insurance coverage, please contact