How long does it take to get an appointment?
It will depend on my availability. It is best that you schedule one rather than come as a walk in patient.

How can I trust you?
I have a wide experience and international exposure in my specialty. My competence & skills are acknowledged & accepted internationally. I have returned back from the US and practice in hospitals where the same ambience & medical equipment's are available as found in any western hospital. The patient testimonials and video testimonials are further proof of my competence.

Can I pay with card?
Yes you can pay by card for all services availed at the clinic.

Is it possible to get a discount?
The clinic runs on a thin profit margin and hence discounts on services are not possible.

What are the rules of the clinic?
Please refer to the terms and condition page What are the facilities available?
Routine consulttions, OPD diagnostic devices and ear piercing are done, there is facility for hearing testing and hearing aid dispensing.

Are your charges Transparent?
Consultation charges, procedure charges and charges for the lab and hearings aids re given in advance. You pay what was quoted

Since you are venturing into entrepreneurship will you continue practising?
I am a doctor fist and then a Healthcare ENtrepreneur, I will continue practising though have limited my locations and will be available only at the clinic.