How long does it take to get an appointment? It will depend on my availability but will be within two to three weeks. I will do everything to assist you in scheduling an appointment as quickly as possible.

Do you require all documents for treatment planning in English? Yes. All documents must be translated into English. If you send or bring medical documents in any other language, your treatment will be delayed. You can send in your documents for an estimate and treatment planning to: ips@drkumaresh.com

How can I trust you? I have a wide experience and international exposure in my specialty. My competence & skills are acknowledged & accepted internationally. I have returned back from the US and practice in hospitals where the same ambience & medical equipments are available as found in any western hospital. The patient testimonials and video testimonials are further proof of my competence.

Can I pay for my treatment in instalments? Unfortunately, it is not possible. The payment is required in full, prior to any international patient receiving my services or before commencement of treatment. Also you need to send an advance before your arrival for confirmation of my services.

What about Cultural and Ethnic resources and personal safety? Bangalore has a very rich cultural heritage and has many multicultural shops, restaurants, attractions and religious organizations. It also has many international companies and is a hub of medical tourism. The crime rate especially against foreigners is the lowest in the country.

Is it possible to get a discount? It can be worked out by changing your room category, place you stay outside or sometimes the hospital can be changed to accommodate your financial needs.

Can someone come along with me? It is better if you can come with a companion, it can be your spouse, family member or friend. My liaisons will look after your companion and at times also accompany them for shopping & sightseeing excursions.

What about my follow up? Since I travel to Africa and GCC, I can see in a place closest to the country of your origin. Also you can connect with me via email, social media or through video conferencing.

For International Doctors:

How can I refer a patient?

I request you to provide the patients history including lab, radiology and other test results. The information must be in English. Upon receipt I will give a detailed plan and also the cost estimate. You can email the details to ips@drkumaresh.com

Can I get Second Opinion from you? I am always of the opinion that patients should always receive the best of care and treatment and their safety should not be compromised. You might seek a second opinion if you�re concerned about your diagnosis or the treatment plan particularly in challenging problems. Send out an e-mail from your personal email with your contact details for getting an assured time bound reply from my end.

Can I come as an observer? Yes you can visit me either in India or Internationally. In India I can allow your participation in diverse range of educational programs like CME, hands on cadaveric teaching programs etc. The other alternative is I can visit your country and participate in clinical and surgical activities if you can assist in getting my licensure. I am already undertaking such activities in certain countries overseas.

Do you undertake cochlear implantation? Yes, I have been fellowship trained in Neurotology in which Cochlear Implantation is an integral part of training. I have also recently conducted an International workshop in Cochlear Implantation.

What implants do you use? What about rehabilitation? I use Neurelec and Nurotron. This is for personal preference and reasons beyond the preview of this page. As of now rehabilitation can be done only in India. I am in the process of setting up rehabilitation centres in Africa and GCC. This service will be available for implantees of other companies too.