Entrepreneurial and Start - Up Associations


1) Chief Medical Advisor, India - For an unique Endoscopic Product, will be helping them in innovating further and will be synergising it with my other ventures.

2) Director, Operations - Waste2Watts -
Unique Waste to Energy Environmental Healthcare Start Up. We convert wet waste into Gas/Electricity and also get equal amount of very rich organic manure. Only start up where an investor makes profit from the 3rd year onwards. Very soon we will be taking up waste disposal project in two cities.

3) Director - Forent Technologies -
Doctor Patient Connect App, connect with your doctor even if you dont know his number. One can book appointments and load health records. No one including the directors can access without your knowledge. Using Medical Animations we will be soon entering into Healthcare Education arena.

4) Innovator for Global Life sciences biotechnology start up working on a cure for Cancer & Chronic Ear Diseases using Synthetic Biology

Ventures in 2018:

1) 3D Bio Printer and Bio Fabricators for Human Use - First of its kind - Yes this will be an unique and never attempted before Bio-Printer. On board are Professors at World Renowned Institutes who hold Patents in the various components.

2) Unique and first of its venture in Blindness treatment. Never ever been attempted and we are the first.

3) Minimally Invasive Pin Hole Brain Surgery using Mini Robots, again probably the first to venture into this in Asia

4) Bloodless Non Invasive Detection of Blood Parameters - This again involves Multi-Instituition with people holding Patents in Optics

5) Early Detection of Cancer - Non Inasive method

6) Virtual Healthcare - Will be doing Virtual Reality in Healthcare by the leaders in the field of VR, coordinating with them for Healthcare Venture.

7) Finally Setting up of Helthcare Incubators.

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