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I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Invitreo Healthtech Ventures (IHV) Pvt Ltd

The following are the projects of IHV:

I. AI & Machine Learning (ML)

1) AI/ML assisted Image Analysis for early detection of Diseases

2) AI in Pathology & Radiology

II. Biotechnology

1) ChronicWound Healing Dressing

Biofabrication of Organs
III. Nano HealthTech

1) Dynamic Nano Implant

2) Nano based Depot drug delivery

3) Nano Based Interventionl Diagnostic Device

IV. IoT Enabled HealthTech

1) Real time telemonitoring of patients

2) Tele ICU

3) Robotic Sterilisation of rooms

4) IOT for Infusion monitoring and automatic stopping

V. Medical Devices

1) Indigenous Video Endoscopes

2) Tensile strength testing of sutures

3) 3D Bio-Printer

4) 3D Resin Printer

5) Optical detection for Damage detection in IOLs

VI. Synthetic Biology

1) Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

2) Treatment for Cholesteatoma

VII. Invitreo Imaging

1) AI Assisted Thermal Imaging for early detection of Cancer

2) Affordable Noise Cancellation Hearing Aid

3) Mechanical device to help stroke/ischaemic encephalopathy patients to move around

4) IoT enabled Insect catcher, analyzer and destroyer

VIII. Stem Cell/Molecular Biology

Projects are under feasibility assessment

Waste2Watts India Pvt Ltd

An environmental start up in which I serve on the Board of Directors

Advisory Board Member & Mentor

In Healthcare start ups and TBIs





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